Fred & Nikki #1, #2 ,#3

This is the first spot out of a wakeboard trilogy. We were traveling with two of the world´s best wakeboarders:
Freddy von Osten & Dominik Gührs through Germany and wakeboarded spots, that have never been waked before.
Our first mission was to wake the the Weißsee in Austria. Everything happened a little different than expected.

The second Mission brings Fred & Nikki ( Frederic von Osten & Dominic Gührs) in the Zeche Zollverein in Essen germany. Here they gonna wakeboard on water which is barely two feet deep. On the ground you find broken bottles of glass and old rusty sharp metal.
But they waked it for ours.

We really pushed our cameras to the ground of the waterline, and they got completely wet, though: They are still working.

Frank Sauer
Sebastian Linda

Red Bull