10 Jahre Willy-Brandt-Haus Lübeck

Can you make history exciting in the age of social media?  

The moment the foundation responsible for one of the most inspiring politics of German history approached me to shoot a film for their 10 years anniversary, I was excited to dig into history, trying to extract the essence of a lifetime achievement.  

Who am I talking about?  
- Willy Brandt -  

PRODUCTION - Willy-Brandt-Haus Lübeck: Jürgen Lillteicher, Malte Mau, Hendrik Große-Homann  
DIRECTOR - Frank Sauer www.frank-sauer.com  
EDITING - Frank Sauer, Sebastian Linda  www.sebastian-linda.de
SOUND DESIGN - Sebastian Pecznik www.sebastianpecznik.com  
ASSISTENT - Lukas Janku http://lukas-janku.de  
DRONE - Maximilian Kirst www.mkirst.me  
MUSIC - Atlas - Steven Gutheinz (Musicbed)