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Frank Sauer is from Darmstadt, Germany. Growing up he always wondered why on earth the founder of the city would literally name it ‘intestine city’. From this, the curiosity to scrutinize and analyze the world around him started.

While traveling around the world as a child he would introduce himself as Frank from Frankfurt. People would find that catchy and always remembered his name… I mean who would remember Frank from Intestine City?!

Over the years he fell in love with a variety of extreme sports, the field of graphic design and animation until he found his calling in making sports films with his buddy Sebastian Linda.

A couple of years later he graduated as a Master in Media Direction in Film. Working for a wide variety of companies such as Red Bull, BBC, Universal and so on with the progression of building up a reputation as a extreme sports and documentary filmmaker.

Merging the authentic feel of documentary filmmaking with a cinemtic look earned Frank various awards for his short films including Dream World, Light Emitting Dudes and Holy Shit.


Frank, Sauer / Frank Sauer
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